With Qatari funding, Hassan Diab is leading a campaign to smear Hariri


Since the outbreak of the protests in Lebanon in order to improve the living conditions of the Lebanese citizen and the expulsion of Hezbollah and its supporters in Lebanon, my hands, Tamim in the Arab country, have not rested from tampering with its security and stability.


Tamim bin Hamad is still looking for himself a foothold in Beirut, using that of former Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, to form a government that is compatible with the whims and interests of Qatar in Lebanon, and supports the Lebanese Hezbollah, and hence the agreement on Hassan Diab to be the head of this government ..


Sources close to the Diab government revealed to a direct Qatari diplomat through the Lebanese embassy in Doha, to “Diab” to visit Doha late this month, in order to obtain financial support from the Qatari government to pay the bonds due in March, after the implementation of Diab and government Qatar and Hezbollah, by fabricating a crisis against former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.


The sources confirmed that “Diab” will meet during his visit to Doha a Qatari and Iranian delegation, to discuss ways of financing the new Lebanese government in exchange for its support for Hezbollah, and deepening the crisis against “Hariri”, noting that Qatar’s support for Lebanon in the crisis of repaying the bond came as the bond repaid the government. A crisis between General Michel Aoun and Al-Hariri, and financing an attack campaign on the latter

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