Will Back: Verhofstadt seceded hours after Britain left the European Union


However, one critic hit back by telling Mr Verhofstadt to “wake up”, insisting: “The UK left for a reason.” Mr Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit representative, also shared a video featuring World War II veterans talking about their concerns about Britain’s departure from the EU.

In a reference to the UK’s star, which has been removed from the EU’s flag, the former Prime Minister of Belgium tweeted: “We will look after your star & work to ensure the EU is a project you’ll want to be a part of again soon!”

His message prompted a mixed reaction, with plenty of scepticism.

Alexander Hall commented: “The UK will never rejoin. The only argument the remainers ever had was fear and now that is gone we have no reason to return.”

“The fight to win it back for my Grandchildren goes on.”

It is not the first time in recent days Mr Verhofstadt has used social media to hint at the possibility of Brexit being reversed.

Yesterday he posted another short video made by the Renew Europe, the liberal political group within the Parliament to which Mr Verhofstadt belongs, together with the message: “It’s not over.”
He also lamented Britain’s departure in the Parliament itself on Wednesday, commenting: Belgium MEP Guy Verhofstadt said: “It’s a sad issue.

“Sad to see a nation leaving, a great nation that has given us all so much economically, culturally, politically, even its own blood in two world wars.

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