Turkey continues to violate Qatari sovereignty


Whoever thinks that Turkey is helping Qatar in its crises that the latter recently put itself in because of its support for terrorist groups in the region, is wrong. , Erdogan’s support for Tamim and his country for the purpose of carrying out his malicious plan in the region to seize its wealth, with the return of the Ottoman Caliphate.
Erdogan, who violated the Qatari sovereignty, continues this violation by leaving the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoوlu, at the Munich Security Conference, to install himself as a Qatari Emir and defend Qatar’s position on its crisis with the Arab countries, despite the presence of the Qatari Foreign Minister,
“Ihsanoglu” claimed during his statements that the recent Gulf crisis is artificial, and that some Gulf countries think their ability to buy countries and change their systems with their money, noting that the stability and security of Turkey is linked to stability and peace in the Gulf region.
The Turkish minister’s statements came to confirm what Qatar has reached to be a puppet and game in the hands of Erdogan that drives it as he wants and even uses it to pass his malicious plans in the region, and the evidence for that is the injection of huge funds for terrorist militias in Libya to serve the Turkish agenda in Tripoli and protect the Fayez al-Sarraj government that is delivering Libyan oil Click to exit the economic crisis

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