The collapse of the major Italian airlines .. The reason is the Doha Mafia


For more than two years, she suffered the heavy losses from the Qatari economy in the context of reckless leadership from the League of Tamim, which deepened its crises with its Arab nation, and tarnished its reputation for its support for terrorism in most of the countries of the world.


The aviation sector did not miss the list of the losses of the Qatari regime, so it suffered losses, and stopped the operating flights, after flying to the sky of the world without passengers, in order to save the face of the ruling clique, which was promoted because it was not affected by the Arab boycott.


Aviation losses not only stopped at Qatar Airways, but also affected its partners from countries of the world, where the Qatar Airways lost today its investments in the Italian airline, “Air Italy” – which is the second largest company in the country – after announcing its liquidation due to problems related to employment, The reputation of the Qatari regime has ensured that passengers are not averse to these unsafe aircraft from riding terrorists backed by Doha. This comes approximately two and a half years after Qatar Airways acquired a forty-nine percent 49% stake in Air Italy, specifically since September two thousand and seventeen 2017, that is, after the Arab boycott by about three months. These losses add to the total losses of Qatar Airways, which recorded the end of last year, a loss of six hundred and forty-six million dollars.

For how long will the Doha mafia remain in its persistence and its care for discord and terrorism, which has left countless fortunes on its people?…

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