The collapse of the Gulf dispute talks … The reason is Tamim’s positions


While the Qatari regime seeks to get out of the crisis of the Arab boycott, through the talks that started last October, and the Qatari people saw in it a glimmer of hope indicating the improvement of relations and ending the dispute that began in June two thousand and seventeen 2017, which the Qatari regime was trying to take advantage of and make it to their advantage only. The fluctuation of his positions always afflicts the talks that bring him together with the countries of the province.


“Reuters” revealed in a report that a severe collapse struck the talks between Saudi Arabia and Qatar to settle the Gulf crisis, in order to continue the political and economic boycott and the trade embargo on Doha, due to the position of the Qatari regime prioritizing the restoration of freedom of movement between Qatar and the Gulf states, and opening the airspace to aircraft , And reopening the land borders with Saudi Arabia, and continuing its alliance with Turkey and Iran and defending them.


Sources directly to Qatar confirmed that Riyadh was determined to show Qatar a fundamental change in its behavior and foreign policies in support of terrorism in which Doha supports parties working against Arab and regional interests.

The sources added that the Gulf side wanted Doha to make commitments regarding its foreign policies, which is very difficult for the Qatari regime due to the presence of many differences in foreign policy between Qatar and all Arab countries.

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