Tamim: the pledge of the African mercenaries to Yemen


The Qatari mafia continues to use its money to spread disturbances and crises among the countries of the region, as this corrupt gang bullys tensions in the Arab body, increasing its pressure, until the situation explodes with blood and ruins that affect everyone.
The Qatari regime is woven a new sabotage scheme that hinders the efforts of the Arab coalition in Yemen, as French reports revealed that Doha is luring the poor and the landless from Somalia and Sudan to work as mercenaries to implement its agendas in Yemen.
The threads of the Qatari scheme confirm that Doha works through the fronts of private companies in ordering security personnel to work in securing the establishments and others, and upon their arrival in Doha, they are trained militarily at the hands of Turkish soldiers, and then they are pushed through marine boats to the places controlled by the Houthi militia.
French reports, based on intelligence information, revealed that the Doha Mafia allocated one thousand dollars a month to mercenaries, but without promises to return again to Doha, after a corner of his order was transferred to his leaders from the Houthis, as if he was a slave who bought and bought.
The Doha Mafia commits, with misuse of its funds, numerous crimes, including the increasing wounds of Yemen and the size and chaos that prevails there, as it plunges African youth into wars that have no relatives in them and no camels.

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