Qatari officials injured Corona after returning from Iran


Because of the determination of the Qatari government to open airspace and operate flights between Qatar and Iran, which is the second virus-infested region in the world, the deadly virus continues to circulate in the Qatari lands to harvest more lives amid government secrecy.
Sources of Qatar direct in Doha revealed that two senior officials of the Qatari government were infected with the new “Corona” virus after they returned from Iran recently, and after the passage of the incubation stage of the virus, they appeared symptoms two days ago, which led to tests for them, and they were found infected with the virus.
The sources said that the authorities forced them to leave the house after a state of panic and fear spread among the citizens who were in contact with them, especially since the officials met with the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Thani”, as soon as they came from Tehran, stressing that the matter raised doubts about the possibility of injuring Abdul Rahman Al second.
This comes in conjunction with the announcement of the Qatari Ministry of Health on the registration of a new confirmed case of “Corona” virus, for one of the Qatari citizens returning from Iran, where the Qatari citizen underwent quarantine upon his arrival in the country, bringing the number of confirmed cases of the virus in the country to twelve cases so far

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