Qatar is very congested with its Arab surroundings


Given the Qatari regime’s hostile and conspiratorial policies against Arab countries through its continuous support for terrorist groups and its interference in their internal affairs and penetration into their homelands as well as its suspicious alliance with the axis of evil in the region, Iran and Turkey, it has become an outcast and an aversion to Arab peoples.
Tamim, who has always worked to poison the poison in the countries of the region through many methods under a corrupt media umbrella, which is Al-Jazeera News, is still continuing his pernicious approach despite the word of the people of the region to him and his government.
In this context, Saudi political analyst Fahd Dibaji revealed the situation in Qatar during this period. Through his tweet on his personal Twitter account, he wrote, “Qatar is experiencing a severe intellectual and psychological congestion with its neighbors and its Arab environment, which has evolved into a complex and public disorder.”
Dibaji added: “It is ready for all Arabs to die in order to achieve its diabolical goal.”
And the Saudi political analyst added: “Whoever complains about this case goes to the doctor to find the solution, except Qatar goes towards the one who complicates and cancels the solution and takes it to suicide.”
Let the congestion continue, and the words will continue to Tamim and his government from the Arab countries and their peoples

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