Qatar is summoned to the Geneva Summit for violating workers’ rights


In an unprecedented measure, the 12th annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy decided to call the Qatari regime to investigate the charges against him by enslaveing ​​a large number of workers of different nationalities and applying inhumane measures against them.
The summoning of the Doha government in front of the Human Rights Council also came because these workers were prevented from leaving Qatar, as well as violating wage protection laws and not paying salaries for months.
French media sources revealed that most of Qatar’s population of about two million seven hundred and fifty thousand is 2.75 people, including ninety percent foreigners, from poor developing countries, and working on projects related to the FIFA World Cup scheduled for two and twenty-two ..
The sources confirmed that Tamim and his gang are still taking the same old approach to the right to work on their lands, without looking at their most basic rights to life.
The sources pointed out that, despite the Qatari reforms that it undertook before the world to improve the lives of workers on its soil, especially the workers of the World Cup facilities, the Doha Gang continues to exploit workers on a large scale until now.

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