Qatar buys Hamas to pass the deal of the century


The Qatari regime is working hard to pass the century deal in order to address the friendliness of the American administration to cover up its hostile policies in support of terrorist groups in the world, to discover day after day the original role of the Qatari authority to confirm the suspect plan at the expense of the Palestinian people.


Sources for Qatar directors from inside Hamas revealed a secret meeting in Doha last week, between Hamas members and Qatari diplomats, about Hamas’s support for the peace plan.


The sources said, “The Qatari diplomats bought Hamas support for the plan by offering exorbitant sums in exchange for the movement’s announcement of its approval of the plan,” noting that the Hamas delegation asked for a time limit so that it could change its media opinion without losing its image.


The sources indicated that the Hamas delegation set a condition for accepting the Israeli Qatari offer, as it demanded that the movement include the talks in the plan.

The sources confirmed that Qatar called the secret meeting after a personal request from the Israeli government, so that Doha, a friend of Hamas and Israel, could be mediated.

The purchase of the Qatari regime for officials in Hamas through the secret Doha meeting confirms the consolidation of Israeli-Qatari relations, so that Doha will be used as a tool for Israel to implement its wishes. On the other hand, Hamas does not find any offense in changing its positions for the sake of money.

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