Onward: Tear-jerking new Pixar movie inspired by director’s heartbreaking personal story


In recent years, Disney’s Pixar movies have not only left audiences in fits of laughter but also tears. From the grief of Up’s opening scene to Coco’s touching ending, now the animation studio has given us Onward, starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. The new movie is set in a fantasy world which has lost its magic, as two brothers set off on a quest to resurrect their dead dad for just one day.

However, when the spell he left sons Ian and Barley only restores his legs, the siblings have until the sun sets the next day to restore him fully.

Last December, Onward producer Kori Rae presented a press preview of the movie, where she revealed the film’s narrative was inspired by director Dan Scanlon’s heartbreaking true story.

Rae continued: “Dan and his brother had heard stories about their dad from their mom. They’d seen pictures of him, watched home videos of him.

“But those videos didn’t have any sound and so they had never heard his voice.

“Until one day, when Dan and his brother were teenagers, a relative sent them an audiotape that they thought might have their father’s voice on it.

“It was a cassette tape recording with guests’ well wishes at his aunt’s wedding.”

She added: “Dan and his brother listened to the whole first side of the cassette and [there was] nothing from Dad.

“They flipped over and were almost to the end when their aunt finally found their father with the recorder.”

It turns out all that they could hear was their father saying “Hi” and “Bye”.

Nevertheless, those two words “were like magic” for Dan and his brother.

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