Nigel Fage News: Will the members of the European Parliament in the Freej and Brix party get a pension? Will they get paid?


Nigel Farage will leave the European Parliament for the very last time on Wednesday before the UK’s official departure from the European Union on Friday, January 31. The Brexit Party leader has been a prominent eurosceptic since he became an MEP more than two decades ago, but will he and his other Brexit Party MEPs receive a salary or a pension after they exit?

On Wednesday, the European Parliament will hold a historic vote to approve the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU.

The landmark session will see the 751 debate the Brexit Withdrawal Bill before, it is widely expected, they vote in support of the deal’s terms.

Having already been signed off by key parliamentary committees last week, Wednesday’s session is largely symbolic, marking the final stage of the ratification process before the UK’s official exit at 11pm GMT on Friday.

On Wednesday, prominent European and Brexit figures are expected to speak, including the Parliament’s Brexit Co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt and Mr Farage.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Farage told the BBC he believes Brexit is the “beginning of the end” for the European Union.

He said countries that had seen the UK “make such a Horlicks” of leaving originally would now see it was possible to exit if a good trade deal was struck.

Mr Farage said: “I think, two years down the road, there’ll be a big debate going on in many other countries about what kind of Europe do people want.

“Do they want a Europe of trading co-operation or a Europe run by these institutions in Brussels, and I think the UK’s departure really will mark the beginning of the end of this European project.”

When asked about polling suggesting that support for the EU had risen since Brexit, Mr Farage added: “That’s because we made such a Horlicks of leaving.

“I think many of the Eurosceptic groups around Europe began to shake their heads and say ‘Oh, perhaps it is not possible to leave’.

“Now it’s actually happening, if we chart a clear path – and provided that Boris Johnson sticks to the very clear promises that he made in his manifesto – then I think all of that will change a couple of years down the line.”

Nigel Farage has been an MEP since 1999 and therefore will be entitled to receive a pension at the age of 63.

For each full year that an MEP works, they receive a pension that is worth 3.5 percent of their salary.

As the European parliamentary elections were held at the end of May, with the Brexit Party winning 29 of the available 73 seats, none of these MEPs are entitled to a pension because they would not have served for a full year.

So in order to contribute to their pension pot, MEPs would need to remain in the European Parliament until at least June 2020.

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