Moscow Erdogan has vowed to outright threat


The Turkish regime continues to escalate its hostile actions and military breaches against Syria, in contravention of international law and the principle of the sovereignty of independent states, in an attempt to halt the progress of the Syrian army and prevent the collapse of armed terrorist organizations, classified on the list of international terrorism, in Idlib and western Aleppo.

Russia, a partner in the signed agreements on Syria, has confirmed that it cannot remain indifferent in the face of Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, while it portends a crisis and tension in the relations of the two countries.


Piotr Ilyichov, director of the International Organizations Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, stressed that Turkey’s respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was among the terms of the memorandum on the establishment of the de-escalation zone in Idlib, and the memorandum stated that the agreement on the Idlib area is temporary.


The Russian official added that the memo included Turkey’s pledge to separate the moderate opposition from the terrorists and establish a demilitarized zone, but nothing of that has been done in the past eighteen months.

The official of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that his country will not sit and wait for what will happen in Idlib, while the positions of the Syrian forces and the sites of Russia are exposed to daily shelling and attacks by the terrorists loyal to Erdogan.


Russian statements confirm that this winter will be cooler for Erdogan’s soldiers who will face painful strikes in the north of Syria, and Al-Othmani’s weak statements will not protect them in front of the anger of the Russian bear.

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