Macron-Merkel fury: France and Germany in bitter spat as future of Europe sparks huge rift


During the BBC’s The World This Weekend programme Mark Mardell, Lord Peter Ricketts and Elisabeth Braw discussed the “pulling apart” of the transatlantic relationship. Lord Ricketts argued that the French President’s frustration has come from Germany not sharing his “ten-year vision” while Ms Braw suggested that the current German leadership was showing signs of “sluggishness”.

“He wanted to see a greater push from the European Union to establish its self as a great power in the world.”

Lord Ricketts responded: “He is trying to set out a ten-year vision.

“He is very frustrated that there isn’t a functioning German leadership at the moment.

“There is this big difference between France and Germany which is that the French see in the end Europe being autonomous in military and security affairs.

“The German’s still see it being rooted quite deeply in the transatlantic alliance so I don’t think there is unity on this issue of European autonomy.”

Ms Braw said: “It is possible that after the next German election we will have a coalition government led by the Green Party and that would mean the chancellor being a Green.

“Specifically Robert Haebeck, he is like Macron, an energiser bunny, he has lots of ideas and that could be quite transformative for the French and German relationship.

“Should the Greens win then Macron would not have to contend with this German sluggishness in responding to his ideas and actually the two countries together could reinvigorate Europe.”

Last month a French protester called for France to follow Britain’s example and leave the European Union during the Brexit celebrations in Parliament Square.

Metthieu, 30, who is a GP in France was holding a massive sign calling for Frexit and told that Brexit showed it is possible to leave the EU.

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