Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sends Man City message of pity after Champions League ban


Jurgen Klopp has sided with the Manchester City players and Pep Guardiola after it was revealed that they will be banned from the Champions League following the breach of financial fair play regulations. The German has enjoyed fierce competition with their Premier League rivals in the past 18 months but has still claimed he cannot feel pleased with the news that they will be unable to play in Europe for the next two seasons.

“What happened, who did what and stuff like this but I can imagine at the moment it’s really difficult for them to understand.

“You believe the people you work with and that’s how it is.

“Somebody obviously sees it completely different.

“I really feel for them to be honest for Pep and the players but it will not help, I do not think.

“They will appeal and we will see what happens then, but it’s obviously serious but the football they played and played was exceptional.”

Should that fail, it could open the door for the fifth-placed team in this season’s standings to qualify for the Champions League.

City are desperate to win club’s football most cherished prize and will take on Real Madrid (first leg) in the last 16 on February 26.

While City have been left to lick their wounds, La Liga president Javier Tebas praised UEFA for finally knuckling down on FFP.

“Enforcing the rules of financial fair play and punishing financial doping is essential for the future of football,” he said.

“For years we have been calling for severe action against Manchester City and Paris St-Germain, we finally have a good example of action and hope to see more. Better late than never.”

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