Khamenei cancels “Persian New Year” speech because of Corona


Iranian citizens and officials continue to fall due to the Corona virus and the inability of the Iranian authorities to control it, which forced the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to cancel the speech he intended to deliver on March 20 in Mashhad, on the occasion of the Persian New Year ..
Khamenei’s office said in an official statement that “the sermon of the sermon will not take place this year and will not travel to the city of Mashhad based on recommendations from health officials to reduce travel and attend gatherings to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.”
Iran and Ali Lisan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, announced that forty-three additional deaths were recorded with the new Corona virus within twenty-four hours, bringing the total to approximately two hundred and fifty deaths, while the number of infected people approached seven thousand and five hundred
The deadly virus continues to kill everyone among a citizen’s official amid the inability of the Iranian government to control it

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