Italy demands ‘place it deserves’ in EU post-Brexit ‘We’re the third biggest contributor!’


Rome’s League political party hit out at the bloc and demanded the nation be given the “place it deserves” now that Britain’s departure has made Italy the third largest funder in Brussels. MEP Matteo Adinolfi said: “Today is a stimulating day because we are facing the next budget of the European Union and we are here with all the political forces because the future of the EU and Italy at this stage, defined by Brexit, is very important.” He added: “Italy must remain in the European Union, but it must also have the place it deserves because today, after Brexit, we have become the third European contributor.”

He also demanded a “new European budget capable of facing the challenges”.

Germany has always been the biggest contributor of the EU and serves up a massive 20.78 percent.

France follows at 15.58 percent. The UK came in third, paying 11.88 percent of the total budget before Brexit last Friday.

Italy is not the only nation unhappy with their treatment by EU officials.

Ireland, which is going to the polls today to elect a new government, has sparked concerns among leaders in Brussels.

Irish Times journalist Denis Staunton told Channel 4 News that whoever wins the election could ask Brussels to give the UK concessions, over fears of disruption to the Irish economy in a U-turn to what current Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said.

Mr Staunton claimed that Ireland “won’t receive a warm welcome” in Brussels if it’s “looking for Britain to ease things for them”.

Ireland is one of Europe’s fastest growing economies and there is concern that a so-called “bare bones Brexit deal” could significantly disrupt Irish industry.

Staunton said: “There is still some hope in Dublin which is misplaced that Boris doesn’t mean his hardline approach.

“There is a belief that once the reality of the negotiations sinks in, he is going to compromise like he did over the backstop.”

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