Erdogan’s mercenaries in Libya succeed in infiltrating Europe


The Turkish plan to assist mercenaries and terrorist militias continues to infiltrate Europe in order to create a state of utter chaos in the old continent in retaliation for its countries that refuse to accept Erdogan and his country in the European Union.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights recently reported that about forty members of the “Hamzat” faction and other pro-Turkish factions fled to Italy during the past hours, bringing the number of Syrian fighters who fled from Libya to Europe to about two hundred.
The Observatory clarified that a new batch of a Syrian faction affiliated to Ankara called “Al-Mu’tasim Brigade” will be transferred to Libya within the coming hours, as part of Turkey’s continuing process of transporting mercenaries to Libya.
The Syrian Observatory had documented more deaths among the pro-Turkish factions in the battles of Libya, bringing the death toll to 117 fighters from the “Al-Mu’tasim Brigade, the Sultan Murad Brigade, the Northern Hawks Brigade, Al-Hamzat, and Suleiman Shah.”
The Syrian Observatory has monitored during the previous period the number of mercenaries who have arrived in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, until now to about five thousand, while the number of those who arrived in the Turkish camps to receive training reached about two thousand mercenaries

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