Erdogan plans a new massacre to get rid of his opponents


Just as he did before and claimed a coup d’état that removed all its competitors

Erdogan plans to commit a new massacre to suppress his rivals … The tyrant’s plan was based on promoting rumors of coup d’etat against him.


This was spread by a group of media workers affiliated with the Justice Party

The most prominent of them is the journalist writer Yusuf Kabali, who has promoted an imminent coup in Turkey, demanding that the government be fully prepared to face this.


Qablan, known for his loyalty to Erdogan, called on the Turkish people to exercise caution and vigilance and not to give up wisdom.

The warnings of the Turkish writer came in an article for him in the newspaper (Bani Shafak), in which he stressed the need to take urgent and necessary steps for the immediate cessation of any provocative coup attempt.

Qabilan claimed that this warning was intended to fulfill his responsibility towards the state, ignoring that it is one of the tools that dictator Erdogan uses to get rid of the rest of his rivals in a clear repetition of the scenario of two thousand and sixteen.

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