Erdogan is searching for an imaginary victory by targeting the Kurds


In a new development, Turkey and its pro-Syrian factions bombed the Kurdish forces ’deployment in the northern Syria in preparation for a new battle by Erdogan as a result of the defeats of his army and militias in Idlib who are besieged by the Syrian army.


The Syrian Observatory confirmed that the Turkish artillery shelling renewed a number of villages north of Idlib located within the areas of the Kurdish forces ’deployment .., the Observatory added that Ankara and the factions loyal to it want to provoke the Kurds and enter a new battle as a result of the defeats of its militias in Idlib that ,,, Turkish The Kurdish areas are random, and it targets IDPs from Afrin, who were abandoned by a previous Turkish operation two years ago.


In turn, the Syrian Democratic Forces, which the Kurds form the backbone of, emphasized the continuation of the “Turkish invasion army and its terrorist mercenaries in attacks and violations in the north and east of the Syrian Arab Republic, where the last attempt to attack a Kurdish military point in the Ain Easa area, north of Syria, was observed, which led to a conflict with you It resulted in the killing of five mercenaries, the destruction of a vehicle for them and the seizure of a large number of ammunition.

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