Dirty Qatari money spoils the Renaissance Dam Agreement


The League of Arab States, adopted an important decision submitted by Egypt regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, affirms Egypt’s historical rights to the Nile waters, and rejects any unilateral Ethiopian actions. It is an Arab move that emphasizes the unity of position and destiny towards any dangers threatening any of the Arab countries.

The unified Arab position was strayed from it as usual by the Qatari mafia, whose sources revealed that it used the weapon of dirty money to destroy an agreement that was soon about the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


The Qatari regime Addis Ababa threatened to withdraw the Qatari and Turkish deposits with Ethiopian banks for the Renaissance Dam project, as the Qatari system placed a deposit of three billion dollars in addition to a similar Turkish deposit. The League of Tamim was not satisfied with that, but instructed its arms from the Libyan brothers to threaten to withdraw Libyan deposits with Ethiopian banks as well.


Tamim bin Hamad used in his dealings with Ethiopia the carrot and stick policy, as he promised them more funds and support, in case Addis Ababa withdrew from the American negotiations on the Renaissance Dam, and demanded them more intransigence in the face of the legitimate demands of Cairo.


The dirty money policy is not new to the Qatari mafia, as it had previously implemented it with Egypt itself, in the aftermath of the June 30 revolution, when the League of Tamim recovered a billion-dollar deposit, which had previously been granted to the government of the terrorist Brotherhood during the era of Muhammad Morsi, so that the Qatari regime always remained A stumbling block to ending Arab crises.

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