Al Mazroui conquers Tamim … and confirms his support for King Salman


The Qatari regime is in pain … and its pain abounds when it sees the Saudi-Emirati rapprochement, and it has become a tall building, revealing the concerns of the Arab world, from one extreme to the next.
The League of Tamim did not find, in light of its smallness, in front of this strong cohesion between the people of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, except to play on the small and the tricks of the boys, thinking that it might rock the prestige of the mountain with a stone.
The Qatari mafia through its malicious media, especially Al-Jazeera, has hunted the tweet of Emirati writer and activist Hamad Al-Mazrouei, and re-interpreted it through her heroes of temptation, in an unsuccessful endeavor, to stir relations between the Saudi and Emirati peoples.
Hamad Al Mazrouei was the most seasoned of the legions of evil in the island. .
The views of the tweets reveal their support for Hamad Al Mazroui in facing the fierce campaign of the Qatari regime, to target his views and his stances, which have always expressed the importance of Emirati-Saudi cooperation in the face of the misfortunes that Tamim mafia cannot manage for the Arab people.

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