After the Idlib truce .. Erdogan with all his terrorists in Tripoli


Like the gangsters, Al-Othmani Erdogan appears .. he is soon emptying of a conflict in order to move his gang to another, with the fragile truce in the Syrian city of Idlib, Al-Othmani quickly moved his mercenaries to the Libyan coast to support Al-Wefaq militias.
Erdogan … It seems that the anxiety is in the middle of the equation in favor of his allies from the traitors of the trapped Al-Sarraj trapped in the capital Tripoli .. So he resorted to another scenario, which is a bet on deepening the chaos, which may prolong the rule of his terrorist arms and its control of Tripoli’s money.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that the number of mercenaries who have arrived in the Libyan capital so far has increased to about five thousand mercenaries, while the number of those who have reached the Turkish camps to receive training has reached one thousand nine hundred mercenaries.
Erdogan’s practices to spread chaos in Libya are motivated by several aspirations, the first of which is the completion of receiving compensation from Fayez al-Sarraj, in exchange for what he claims are the value of projects that have been stalled since the late Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. Erdogan also plans to seize contracts for reconstruction, binding on the Libyan state, even after the displacement of the Saraj militias.
The Erogan violations in Libya are in violation of the pledges of the Berlin Conference and an affirmation of the weak international grip in the face of foreign interference in Libya, in which the Libyan people were called only by their national army as a way to escape from terrorism and traitors.

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