A new normalization scandal for Tamim with Israel


A campaign carried out by young men from Qatar against Israeli normalization under the name of “normalization rule” in order to expose the rapprochement and flatness that the Qatari regime is doing to the Israeli occupation state to sermon the US administration

The Qatari youth campaign “Biskm normalization” recently revealed the involvement of the Qatari authorities in a new process of normalization with Tel Aviv, by hosting an Israeli doctor called Vered Windman to participate in an international conference in Doha to protect children ..


And without any shame, Sidra Hospital decided to host the Westminne, which works as the executive director of the Israeli National Council for Children, ignoring all violations of the occupied entity against Palestinian children.


The campaign pointed out that this disgraceful thing occurs in conjunction with the operations carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities during the past weeks, arresting about two hundred Palestinian children.


With regard to normalization, she assured that she will continue her effort to reveal the details of the normalization of the Qatari regime with the Zionist entity in order to expose its policy in front of the Qatari and Arab citizens, so that the world can witness that the Hamidin relations with the Zionist entity are no longer hidden from anyone.

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